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Welcome to Erin the Farrier. We’re glad you could join us to learn about Erin’s passion for hoof care and genuine interest in horse care and welfare.

With a strong focus on continued education both as a Farrier and business owner, this has led Erin to opportunities of working with top Equine Veterinarians and Farriers worldwide learning skills and techniques that he instills in his own business. 

All horses matter whether it’s your Four Star Eventer or your 40 year old retired Pony in the back paddock, they all deserve a professional hoof care service.

All trimming and shoeing plans are tailored to your horses needs and owners are encouraged to be apart of their horses hoof care management.

About Erin

Over 20 years’ experience providing hoof care, with a whole horse approach.

Erin is a highly skilled and accredited Master Farrier providing trimming and shoeing plans to meet your horse’s needs.

Your horses’ comfort and ability to perform is Erin’s first priority while showing your horse kindness and care.

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Erin’s Approach

Erin prefers for horses to be barefoot if they can cope. Some horses can’t due to the environment they live in and how much they are being ridden. Other elements such as conformation or injury management or when high performance is needed, shoeing has a place. Most horses can do 6-8km barefoot in 24hrs on soft ground. Any more than that, then the horse needs protection. Erin can measure and fit hoof boots, use casting and gluing techniques or fit shoes to ensure your horses foot is protected and feels comfortable as foot pain can impact their quality of life.

Great Service

Erin has a genuine love of horses and will always be patient and kind to your horse. Horse welfare is very important to Erin and it’s important to remember, no horse should be foot sore or lame after hoof care. Every horse is treated as an individual and care taken to ensure your horse has an enjoyable experience receiving foot care with every horses feet receiving a fresh coat of hoof dressing after each appointment. Erin is well presented in uniform and has a start of the art purpose built farrier van. Erin only uses high quality and discipline specific products to maximise the comfort of your horse and any bacterial or fungal issues like seedy toe and thrush are treated at every appointment. Having a competitive horse riding career before becoming a farrier, gives Erin a balanced and knowledgeable approach to your horse both as a Horseman and Farrier. Erin’s attention to detail and confidence in his skills and ability will see your horse sound and performing at its best.
You will see an improvement in your horses’ hooves by having Erin as your hoof care provider.

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