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Premium hoof care requires trimming every 4 weeks to maximise barefoot capabilities. Erin may be able to adjust trims cycles to suit conformation, living conditions and riding demands.

Trimming parameters are based on the quality and length of the hoof, horse’s confirmation and any environmental constraints. By maintaining hoof wall thickness, sole depth and addressing fungal and bacterial issues such as seedy toe and thrush, your horses’ hoof can function and feel great!

See more about restoring the hoof capsule.


To maintain optimum performance and hoof balance, Erin recommends horses are shod every 4 weeks. Longer shoeing cycles may be negotiated however, research has shown horses are most susceptible to soft tissue (ligament & tendon) injuries in the 5th & 6th week of a shoeing cycle. That’s only two extra visits in a year to keep your horse performing at its best and greatly reduce the chance of a costly Veterinary lameness consultation.

There are a large range of horseshoes currently on the market that are tailored to specific disciplines, performance needs, comfort, injury management and support. Erin will ensure he selects the right shoe for your horse to do the job. Erin can also customise shoes on site for horses that are not straight off the shelf types.

Corrective work with veterinary consultation (Therapeutic)

Erin has a full range of skills including interpreting xrays, welding, using inserts, wedges and pads and can modify and customise shoes on site. Erin encourages engaging with an equine veterinarian for therapeutic cases which creates a ‘Farrier-Owner-Vet’ team approach for the overall the management of the horse and successful outcome.

Erin’s therapeutic experience extends to conditions such as:

  • Fine tuning and enhancing performance
  • Laminitis & Equine Metabolic Syndrome
  • Hospital plates
  • Conformation defaults
  • Tendon & ligament injuries
  • Navicular issues
  • Negative Planter/palmer angles
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success stories

Reilly's Renegade Boots

Checking the fit of Reilly’s new Renegade boots.

‘Reilly’ manages barefoot most of the time but when it comes to a rocky ride – the owner uses Renegade boots for more hoof protection.

Triumph's Laminitis

‘Triumph’ with laminitis in his history, sour demeanour, limited growth and “feeling” the ground.

Transformed into a happy sound pony fit for purpose after Polyurethane glue on shoes applied.

Legs the Showjumper

“Legs” Showjumping mare with shoes reset at a routine 5 week appointment maintaining great alignment for long term soundness.

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Radiographs for the Farrier

Radiographs for the Farrier

Radiology of the equine foot is a great tool for Equine Veterinarians to diagnose various injuries and diseases such as laminitis, fractures, ringbone, navicular disease, bone spurs and wall separation.

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