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Erin’s Approach to hoof care

Erin prefers for horses to be barefoot if they can cope. Some horses can’t due to the environment they live in and how much they are being ridden. Other elements such as conformation or injury management or when high performance is needed, shoeing has a place. Most horses can do 6-8km barefoot in 24hrs on soft ground. Any more than that, then the horse needs protection. Erin can measure and fit hoof boots, use casting and gluing techniques or fit shoes to ensure your horses foot is protected and feels comfortable as foot pain can impact their quality of life.


Restoring hoof capsule

Comfort of the horse

Horse Owner feedback

Restoring the hoof capsule

When the hoof capsule is compromised by thin walls, thin soles, lost shoes and intermittent bacterial and fungal infections, this can affect the performance of the hoof. Some of the reasons for hoof capsule weakness may include:

  • Shoeing/trimming cycle
  • Poor shoe fit resulting in lost shoes which creates damage to the wall
  • Excessive rasping
  • Conformation
  • Environmental pressures

It’s important to understand that it takes approximately 9 months to grow a new hoof capsule so the full benefits may not seem evident until all the defects are grown out and addressed but you will see improvements to your horses demeanour, soundness and comfort at every trim/shoeing appointment. By ensuring maximum wall and sole thickness and selecting the right trim or shoe type, gives the best opportunity for your horse to maintain soundness and have a great long riding career that you can enjoy!

Comfort of the horse

All horses deserve to be comfortable. Whether it be your top star performance horse, breeding stock or the retired kids pony that you’ve had for 25 years. It’s amazing how much foot pain/discomfort can affect a horse.

If your horse is displaying negative body language, has minimal interaction with paddock mates, low activity levels and dislike to handling, these can all be signs that your horse is feeling its feet. Having a happy horse that you can enjoy and ride is an important part of owning a horse – this starts with hoof care and protection. Lets’ face it, we all have busy lives and having an unsound horse that you can’t ride is frustrating.

By assessing your horses needs and work demands, Erin can tailor an individual hoof care plan specific for your horse so it has the best possible platform to work on.

Horse Owner Feedback

Communication and feedback is the key to getting the right hoof care plan for your horse. Erin has the knowledge, skills and experience to apply the right technique that gives your horse the optimum platform to perform – even if it’s just to your horse’s paddock mates!

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