Horseshoe Art & metal work

Bespoke Art & Metal Fabrication by Erin Stevens

Garden Ornaments

personalised gifts

metal work


Erin is available to create your next piece of garden art, special gift for a friend or restore/replace any metal work. Here are some of Erin’s latest creations.

black smith horseshoe

Forging horse shoes to prepare them for shaping on the anvil. 

horse shoe art

Pumpkin Shoes

horse shoe art

Linked Family Hearts

horse shoe art

The Sphere sculpture of shoes

horse shoe art

Glass Jar Handle for that special drink

'Enis the Emu' found his place in the Garden

The Pear of Shoes sculpture

Fire Rake & Ram Head Poker perfect for the inside fire at night


'Pear of Shoes' letterbox

horse shoe art

Pregnant Woman sculpture


horse shoe art


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